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Elevating Connectivity: Saudia & Aegean Airlines Forge New Pathways to Over 150 Destinations

In a landmark alliance poised to redefine travel dynamics, Saudia, the distinguished airline of Saudi Arabia, and Aegean Airlines, the esteemed flag carrier of Greece, have joined forces to unveil a myriad of enhanced route connections spanning the picturesque landscapes of Greece and the majestic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Effective May 9th, this transformative partnership heralds a new era of travel, enriching the journey of passengers with a plethora of innovative initiatives. Underpinning this collaboration is an agreement with the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, affording travelers the privilege of a transit visa for up to 96 hours within the Kingdom—a testament to the seamless integration of travel experiences.

By synergizing their strengths, passengers now gain access to an extensive network encompassing a staggering 156 destinations across 47 countries. Notably, this alliance unlocks a tapestry of new possibilities, seamlessly connecting the enchanting locales of Zagreb, Santorini, and Rhodes to Saudia's expansive international network, fostering a gateway to unparalleled exploration.

Photo: Saudia

Celebrating this monumental milestone, Arved Von Zur Muehlen, Chief Commercial Officer of Saudia, lauds, "This new codeshare agreement with Aegean is a significant leap forward in expanding our network and offering a wider range of travel options. Our guests will delight in seamless connections to captivating destinations, complemented by convenient services such as digital transit visas and a reciprocal rewards program. We are poised to elevate the tourism landscape of both Saudi Arabia and Greece


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