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Fraport Group Ascends to New Heights: Robust Growth Signals Strong Start for 2024 Fiscal Year

Article Source: By André Orban

In a resounding testament to its unwavering resilience and strategic foresight, the Fraport Group charts a course towards prosperity, unveiling a stellar performance in the inaugural quarter of the fiscal year 2024. Bolstered by double-digit growth rates across pivotal financial metrics, Fraport's triumphant ascent underscores its position as a formidable leader in the aviation landscape.

Amidst a backdrop of dynamic challenges, including strikes and weather-related disruptions at Frankfurt Airport, Fraport Group emerged victorious, propelled by a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation. CEO Dr. Stefan Schulte heralds this remarkable achievement, expressing unwavering confidence in the positive trajectory, particularly accentuating the burgeoning growth witnessed at international subsidiaries.

A standout highlight of the quarter lies in the remarkable surge in revenue, soaring by an impressive 16.3% to €890.2 million, fueled by the sustained expansion of passenger volumes across Fraport's global network of airports. EBITDA follows suit, experiencing a meteoric rise of 34.3% to €212.6 million, while net profit rebounds from a previous loss to €12.7 million—a testament to Fraport's resolute resilience and strategic acumen.

At the heart of this resounding success lies the unparalleled growth witnessed at Frankfurt Airport, where passenger numbers surged by 10.4%, reaching 12.5 million—an astounding 85% of pre-crisis levels. Moreover, international gateways such as Antalya Airport, Greek airports, and Lima Airport outpaced pre-crisis benchmarks, signaling a broader resurgence and reaffirming Fraport's pivotal role in facilitating global connectivity.

Undeterred by the complexities of the current landscape, Fraport remains steadfast in its optimistic outlook for the full fiscal year 2024. Foreseeing a continued trajectory of growth and prosperity, Fraport anticipates passenger numbers at Frankfurt Airport to range between 61 million and 65 million travelers, with Group EBITDA projected to reach between €1,260 million and €1,360 million. Net profit is forecasted to soar between €435 million and €530 million, underscoring Fraport's indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence.


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