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Greek Tourism is Safe, UNWTO Assures

Tourist in Greece
Tourist in Greece

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has assured that Greek tourism is safe, despite the recent wildfires and heat waves. In a statement, the UNWTO said that Greece has taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of tourists, and that the country remains a popular destination for travelers.

The UNWTO's statement comes after a number of high-profile wildfires in Greece in recent months. The fires have caused widespread damage, but they have not resulted in any major injuries or fatalities. The Greek government has been praised for its swift response to the fires, and the UNWTO said that the country's tourism infrastructure has not been significantly affected.

The UNWTO also noted that Greece has a long history of welcoming tourists, and that the country has a strong track record of safety. The organization said that Greece is a "safe and welcoming destination" for travelers, and that the country's tourism industry is "resilient" to natural disasters.

The UNWTO's statement is likely to be welcomed by the Greek tourism industry, which is facing a number of challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the industry, and the recent wildfires have added to the challenges. However, the UNWTO's statement should help to reassure tourists that Greece is still a safe and popular destination.



  • The UNWTO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is responsible for promoting tourism.

  • The UNWTO has been monitoring the situation in Greece closely, and it has been in contact with the Greek government.

  • The UNWTO has also been working with other organizations, such as the World Health Organization, to ensure the safety of tourists in Greece.

  • The Greek tourism industry is a major contributor to the Greek economy. In 2021, tourism accounted for 20% of Greek GDP.

  • The UNWTO's statement is likely to help to boost confidence in the Greek tourism industry.


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