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Kuwait Airways Reconnects Greece with Direct Year-Round Flights

A Kuwait Airways plane taking off from an airport runway.

After a two-decade hiatus, Kuwait Airways has reestablished its direct connection between Kuwait and Greece, offering year-round, bi-weekly flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays. This marks a significant milestone in strengthening the cultural and economic ties between the two nations.

In 2022, Kuwait Airways made a tentative foray back into the Greek market, operating seasonal flights to Mykonos from June to September. The positive reception and demand prompted the airline to expand its presence in Greece this year, adding flights to Santorini and introducing direct flights to Athens in June.

Recognizing the potential for tourism growth and cultural exchange, Kuwait Airways made the strategic decision to maintain year-round flights between Kuwait and Athens. This initiative aims to establish the airline as a bridge between Greece and the Far East, attracting high-income visitors and opening new market opportunities for Greek tourism.

The Athens-Kuwait route boasts a comfortable flight duration of approximately four hours. Economy class tickets are priced around 320 euros, offering enhanced comfort with larger seats and generous baggage allowance of two hand luggage bags weighing up to 23 kilograms each, a valuable perk for travelers embarking on extended journeys or carrying multiple items.

Mideast Travel, a trusted partner of Kuwaiti travel agencies, has been appointed as the general agent for Kuwait Airways in Greece. By leveraging their combined expertise and networks, coupled with the extensive resources of the travel market, Mideast Travel and Kuwait Airways are committed to providing the public and the Greek travel sector with a comprehensive range of travel options throughout the journey.

Greek Tourism Minister Adonis Georgiadis took to Twitter to express his satisfaction with the reestablishment of direct flights between Greece and Kuwait. He noted that this issue had been a topic of discussion during his official visit to Kuwait as Minister of Development, highlighting his role in fostering this important connection.

The resumption of direct flights between Greece and Kuwait is a welcome development for both nations, facilitating cultural exchange, tourism growth, and business opportunities. Kuwait Airways' commitment to year-round connectivity paves the way for a stronger relationship between Greece and the Far East.


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