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MXI Design Releases Preveza Aktion Airport for MSFS

Greece’s Preveza Aktion National Airport (ICAO: LGPZ), a joint military and civilian airfield on the western coast, is now brought to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator by MXI Design. With summer services from across Europe and significant military activity, Preveza offers a variety of flying opportunities for sim pilots. Although the airport has two marked runways, only 07L/25R is operational, serving ILS, NDB, VOR, and TACAN approaches.

MXI Design’s scenery includes accurately modeled terminal and airport buildings, custom CGL aerial imagery, and PBR models. Previously, MXI Design has released airports in Chisinau, Thessaloniki, and Doha’s Hamad International.

Preveza Aktion for MSFS is available for €11.99 at


●Accurately modeled terminal and airport buildings

●Updated ground polygons and markings

●Basic terminal interior model for depth

●Custom parking positions matching real life

●PBR implemented for all models

●Custom CGL Aerial Imagery

●3D passengers


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