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All About Mykonos – A paradisiac island with beautiful people

According to ancient myth, Mykonos was the scenario of a major battle between the Giants (the kids of Gaia, the earth goddess) and the Olympian gods. Hercules, the hero, defeated the giants by bringing them out of hiding.

According to mythology, some of Mykonos' enormous stone formations are these mythological giants' petrified bodies.

Despite its small dimensions, Mykonos is one of the most well-known and best-developed islands in Greece in regard to tourism infrastructure, especially for travellers seeking a place with a vibrant nightlife.

Windmills, whitewashed homes, and the ancient ruins at Delos are the three most recognizable landmarks on Mykonos.

Vacation can be made memorable by exploring Mykonos' scenic capital Chora (or Hora), traveling through the countryside, tasting wine, and unwinding on the more remote beaches.

The island is one of Greece's most popular tourism destinations and a center for intercultural exchange. It developed a global reputation as a summer getaway for rich people, hippies, and artists throughout the 1960s. Since then, it has also a welcome location for the LQBTQ community, and it continues to be regarded as an oasis for partygoers.

Several artists have been inspired by the island's natural beauty and well-preserved architecture, including painters, musicians, and bands like Fleet Foxes who penned a song about it.

The most renowned beaches on Mykonos are found in the southern part of the island where the wind is less brisk. Finding the beach that suits your preferences is key to making the most of your trip because each beach has its own atmosphere.

Where can I go in Mykonos?

Here are some ideas as going to the beach is one of the best things to do in Mykonos:

The southern beaches are preferred by people searching for a party, while the northern beaches offer a tranquil experience.

The expansive Kalo Livadi Beach and Agios Ioannis Beach, arguably Mykonos' most gorgeous beach, are both highly recommended.

The most well-liked beaches for families are Ornos Beach, which has turquoise water, and Platis Gialos Beach, which has a mini-market.

Party goers will like Psarou Beach, Paraga, Paradise, and Super Paradise beach clubs and pubs with DJs.

You can also go to Fokos Beach, which is renowned for its crystal-clear blue waters, or Elia Beach, which is Mykonos' longest beach.

Scorpios Beach Bar offers a more upscale and polished atmosphere, while Sanata Beach Club offers a relaxed atmosphere that combines exclusivity with creativity and a pool party.

What is the Mykonos weather like?

From April to October, Mykonos experiences bright, sunny weather, with August being the warmest month. Because rain and cloudy days are so uncommon on the island during the high season, tankers are used to provide water to residents and visitors. The summer is characterized by powerful north winds (meltemia).

You can visit Mykonos in May or September to avoid the crowds since those months are off-peak (the prime season is from June through August).

How do I travel to Mykonos?

The distance between Athens, the capital of Greece, and Mykonos is roughly 150 kilometers, and ferries and aircraft are used to get between the two.

Mykonos has two ports—the New Port and the Old Port—and an international airport in the middle of the island with the airport code JMK. The landing is located at the edge of the water in Mykonos Town for people sailing from the Old Port. About 2.5 kilometres separates Mykonos Town from the New Port.

Enjoy your trip!


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