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Feel the Shopping Euphoria – Pair

Flyer for Emirates Airlines promotion with 10% discount at Hellenic Duty Free shops and a chance to win.

AIA unveils a promo campaign for passengers

Emirates is the Euphoria Airline and

Hellenic Duty Free Shops are the Euphoria Stores.

Athens International Airport proudly announces the launch of its new promo campaign, "Feel the Shopping Euphoria – Pair & Win"

Starting Wednesday, January 10th, 2024, and strategically cooperating with Emirates and Hellenic Duty-Free Shops, this campaign is centered around the evocative Greek word "Euphoria" and brings to life the essence of Greece in every aspect of airport shopping and dining, aiming at creating positive airport experiences, intertwined with the vibrant themes of living, eating, tasting, and traveling!

In the framework of Athens International Airport’s special initiative:

  • The Euphoria Airline is Emirates: a distinguished and of the highest quality airline partner, offering premium world-class travel!

  • The Euphoria Stores are the Hellenic Duty Free Shops & their Fashion Boutiques. This initiative aims to create an engaging and memorable experience for travellers, under the concept of Shopping Euphoria.

“Live, feel, taste!”

“Feel the Shopping Euphoria” promises to elevate the travel experience, interlacing the luxury of Emirates’ flights with the rich cultural tapestry of Greece, available exclusively at Athens International Airport with the evoking shopping experience of Hellenic Duty-Free Shops among the most recognizable brands, well-known Greek deli and beauty products, unique Greek concepts and International boutiques. Passengers traveling from Athens with Emirates from the 1st quarter of 2024 (January 10th to March 31st) are invited to participate in this exclusive offer; upon making any purchase at Hellenic Duty Free Shops & their Fashion Boutiques at the Non Schengen Area of Athens International Airport, they will receive a 10% discount on their shopping (excluding tobacco, alcohol products, and products on discount/offer). By scanning the QR Code at the shop cashiers, passengers enter the monthly draw for an Athens – Dubai round-trip ticket for 2 with Emirates and a 500-euro gift voucher for the Airport Agora.

On behalf of the Athens International Airport, Ioanna Papadopoulou, Director, Communications & Marketing stressed:

We are thrilled to unveil our new"Feel the Shopping Euphoria – Pair & Win campaign; it is a unique collaboration with Emirates and Hellenic Duty-Free Shops, thus merging our airline partner’s premium world-class travel with a leading global travel experience player like the Hellenic Duty-Free Shops. Together, we aim at creating unforgettable journeys, inviting the traveling public to experience the “Euphoria” state of mind while traveling through our airport

Ibrahim Ghanim, Emirates’ Manager for Greece and Albania, stated:

At Emirates, we are committed to providing unparalleled travel experiences, offering our passengers convenient travel options and our world-class products and services. Within that context, we are pleased to join forces with Athens International Airport and be the first Euphoria Airline of the Quarter. Through the "Feel the Shopping Euphoria" activity, we provide our passengers traveling from Athens with a unique opportunity to enjoy unique benefits, while enjoying Emirates’ travel experience, coupled with an enhanced taste of Greece. This initiative reaffirms our commitment to the Greek market, on which we have been proudly operating services since 1996.

On behalf of Hellenic Duty-Free Shops Mrs. Maria Ioannidou, CEO stated “Avolta and Hellenic Duty-Free Shops are here to make travelers happier by offering them a unique experience through every moment of their journey. We are thrilled to participate in the initiative “Pair & Win” evolving around passengers and enhancing synergies between key players of the travel industry; such as AIA, Emirates and our operations. We are committed to create extraordinary experiences that help travelers enjoy, explore, and experiment before their final destination, and take the best of Greece as a last memory on their way back.”


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