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Greece Unveils a Life-Changing Journey for Travelers

Source on article by Nikos Krinis


The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) recently premiered an inspiring promotional campaign to encourage tourists to visit Greece this season. Titled "Greece. A life-changing experience," the campaign showcases a tourist's transformative journey throughout the country, highlighting unique and authentic encounters.

The new “Greece. A life-changing experience” campaign will be promoted in international media outlets in select markets abroad.
Greece. A life-changing experience

The campaign captures the essence of Greece through the eyes of a traveler, who experiences extraordinary moments like diving into pristine waters from a height, washing a tomato in the sea, and joyfully dancing with locals during open-air celebrations known as panigiria. The GNTO aims to convey the untouched nature, simplicity, and authenticity of Greece, emphasizing the unparalleled experiences that go beyond conventional tourism.

This year, the GNTO aims to promote the lesser-known aspects of Greece, showcasing the country's ability to provide countless authentic encounters rooted in its people and natural surroundings. As the campaign's protagonist asserts, visiting Greece is more than just a vacation—it's a life-changing experience.

The official unveiling of the campaign occurred at the GNTO headquarters in Athens, attended by Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias, GNTO President Angela Gerekou, and GNTO General Secretary Dimitris Fragakis.

The "Greece. A life-changing experience" campaign follows a series of previous initiatives by the GNTO over the past four years, particularly during the challenging period of the pandemic. These endeavors aimed to keep Greece's image alive in the public's consciousness despite travel restrictions.

Previous campaigns include "Greece From Home," launched in April 2020 during the global lockdown, and "Destination Greece Health First," introduced in July 2020 to position Greece as a safe travel destination after reopening to tourists.

In 2021, the GNTO continued its promotional efforts with the "All you want is Greece" campaign and later focused on highlighting the country's mainland destinations through the "Greece Does Have a Winter" campaign. Notably, the GNTO's "You Will Want to Stay Forever" campaign in the previous year went beyond showcasing popular destinations, weaving a captivating narrative that resonated with audiences.

Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias acknowledged the GNTO's tireless work and expressed gratitude for their contributions, emphasizing that Greece achieved a significant recovery in tourism in 2022, ranking among the top 5 global brands and bolstering the Greek economy.

The new "Greece. A life-changing experience" campaign will be disseminated through international media outlets in select markets, inviting travelers to embark on a transformative journey through the enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture of Greece.


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