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Uber Expands its Services to Top European Holiday Destinations for Summer Travel Season

Uber will launch Uber Boat in Mykonos this summer / Uber
Uber will launch Uber Boat in Mykonos this summer / Uber

In a bid to cater to the growing travel demand and make summer vacations more convenient, Uber has announced the expansion of its services to several popular holiday destinations in Europe. With the aim of providing seamless transportation solutions, Uber will now be available in Spain, Italy, France, Malta, and Croatia, allowing travelers to easily move around and explore these sought-after destinations.

In Greece, Uber will offer its services in Santorini and Mykonos, two iconic islands known for their stunning beauty and vibrant atmosphere. To enhance customer comfort, Uber Comfort will also be available in Corfu and Rhodes, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing ride experience.

One exciting addition for holidaymakers in Mykonos is the introduction of Uber Boat. This new service allows customers to reserve a speedboat through the Uber app, providing a unique and memorable way to explore the beautiful coastline and nearby islands.

Turning the focus to Spain, Uber services will be launched on the popular islands of Majorca and Tenerife. Travelers can now rely on Uber for convenient and reliable transportation options during their stay.

Italy's Sicily and Sardinia will once again witness the return of Uber, providing visitors with a reliable and efficient way to navigate these picturesque destinations. In Malta, Uber will make its debut, offering residents and tourists alike a convenient and reliable ride-hailing service.

For travelers heading to Croatia, Uber services will be available in key cities such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rijeka, and the island of Pag. This expansion aims to provide visitors with hassle-free transportation options as they explore Croatia's breathtaking coastlines and historic cities.

In France, Uber is launching seasonal "pop-up" cities, including popular destinations like Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Moreover, the introduction of the premium Uber Berline service in Bordeaux will offer travelers a high-end transportation experience.

To further enhance the travel experience, Uber Reserve allows customers to book rides in advance, ranging from 30 minutes to 90 days, with a locked-in price. This feature gives travelers peace of mind, knowing that their transportation needs are secured ahead of time. Additionally, Uber leverages flight-tracking technology to ensure prompt pick-up for riders arriving at airports.

“We’re expecting tourism across Europe to reach record figures this summer,” Anabel Diaz, Vice President, Head of EMEA Mobility at Uber.

Anabel Diaz, Vice President, Head of EMEA Mobility at Uber, expressed excitement about the expansion, acknowledging the anticipated surge in tourism across Europe this summer. Diaz emphasized Uber's commitment to meeting customer demands and providing seamless and stress-free travel experiences.

With Uber's expanded presence in these top European holiday destinations, travelers can now rely on the convenience, reliability, and comfort of Uber's transportation services to make the most of their summer vacations.

“Everyone values the freedom to make travel arrangements in a simple and convenient way, which is why we’re excited to become a one-stop shop for all your travel needs.” Jamie Heywood, Uber’s Regional General Manager.


  • Uber has expanded its services to popular European holiday destinations, including Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Malta, and Croatia, to meet the increasing travel demand during the summer season.

  • In Greece, Uber will operate in Santorini and Mykonos, offering Uber Comfort services in Corfu and Rhodes as well. Additionally, Mykonos will introduce Uber Boat, allowing customers to book speedboat rides through the Uber app.

  • Spain will see Uber services launch on the islands of Majorca and Tenerife, providing convenient transportation options for tourists exploring these popular destinations.

  • Italy's Sicily and Sardinia will once again have access to Uber, enabling visitors to easily move around and discover the beauty of these picturesque locations. Malta will also welcome Uber for the first time, offering residents and tourists a reliable ride-hailing service.

  • Uber services in Croatia will be available in prominent cities such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rijeka, and the island of Pag, ensuring convenient transportation for travelers exploring the country's stunning coastlines and historic sites.


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