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Airlines 2023: Surprises, Crisis Management, and Top Performers Revealed in AirHelp Score Rankings



The top and bottom airlines of 2023 have been unveiled, revealing surprises and critical issues within the industry. Factors like modern aircraft, comfortable seating, and hospitable staff contribute to global airline rankings. However, one significant oversight, according to a passenger rights company, is how airlines manage crises and assist customers during challenging situations.

"It's essential to assess an airline not just by its regular service but also by how it handles disruptions,"

stated the report.

people inside a passengers plane

The AirHelp Score, an annual evaluation of 83 airlines, considered accuracy, customer feedback, and the efficiency of addressing compensation claims. Each aspect held equal weight in the scoring system, as explained by Tomasz Pawliszyn, AirHelp's CEO.

The list of leading and lagging airlines for 2023, based on data from January 1 to September 30, has been revealed:

Top Airlines:

  1. Qatar Airways – 8.38

  2. Eurowings – 8.27

  3. LOT Polish Airlines – 8.11

  4. Etihad Airways and All Nippon Airways – 8.09 (tie)

  5. Austrian Airlines – 8.07

  6. American Airlines – 7.97

  7. China Airlines – 7.92

  8. Wideroe – 7.89

  9. United Airlines – 7.88

Poorly Performing Airlines:

  1. Tunisair – 4.12

  2. British Airways – 5.03

  3. Frontier Airlines and Pegasus Airlines – 5.18 (tie)

  4. Czech Airlines – 5.20

  5. Air Canada – 5.68

  6. Spirit – 5.69

  7. TAROM and Azores Airlines – 5.71 (tie)

  8. Air Austral – 5.77

Qatar Airways has consistently led the AirHelp Score rankings, except for 2016 when it fell to No. 2 behind Singapore Airlines.

British Airways, Gulf Air, Czech Airlines, Aircalin, and Vietnam Airlines faced staffing issues, resulting in its low ranking in processing compensation claims.

Detailed airline rankings for the ending year are available on the AirHelp website, sourced from


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